A camping trip up the Minnesota North Shore made for a peaceful weekend, a broken chair, and the inspiration to make a stool that is "Built for Adventure."

Sitting around the fire doing bonfire type things, enjoying the vibes that a bonfire brings. Mid conversation all of a sudden our friend Luke, who just happens to be the biggest out of the group, is laughing while sitting on a little trifold aluminum and canvas stool when all of a sudden KA-BOOM, he was on the ground. As Luke looks around in shock and surprise while trying to put together what just happen we can't help ourself from laughing. After a minute or two we realized that the stool just simply broke. The plastic piece in the middle gave out, the legs spilt, and down he went.

Growing up in a family construction business, and always enjoying a good project I told Luke I would make him a stool that he could count on. It would be comfortable, packable, and guaranteed to last a life time.

After doing some research and looking into some designs it began, the first chair. With the intentions of building it to withstand not just the elements, but any size man or women that needs a seat, it took a couple of prototypes to get it just right. In the end I couldn't of been happier with the final product.

Of course word got out I was making a camp stool and My brother-in-Law Eric made sure I knew he was in need of a seat when the holidays came around. It worked out perfect, because I was finishing the one for Luke around that same time, so I had made another one for Eric and gifted them both.

After that it was a snowball effect, another friend wanted one, then another, and ever since we have been making seats for whoever wants one. We have been so lucky to have such amazing friends and family that have supported us along the way, fore we have been honored to build seats for the most awesome people.

Everybody uses a jerry Chair in there own way it seams. Campfire furniture, Extra seating in the house, the ultimate boot stool (taking boots on and off), ice fishing, Hunting, filming, tailgating, van life living, and simply just a seat you can count on when you need a place to sit.

Thank you all for your love and support.

Jerry & Riah